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Wireless Flow Controls Wireless Liquid Flow Switches & Controls

Wireless Flow Controls provide a radio signal bridge between a wireless flow switch and a control receiver such as relays, contactors or PLCs. control. Signals from a flow switch connected to the transmitting unit are sent via a license free radio signal to a receiver unit to control the operation of valves, pumps, motors and alarm equipment.

 What are Wireless Level Switches?


What are Wireless Flow Switches?

A Wireless Flow Switch is used to detect the movement or volume of liquids. The wireless flow measurement is indicated via an electrical switching action that activates a wireless radio transmitter and then sends control signals to a wireless control panel. The wireless receiver control panel includes relays or contactors. Wireless Level Switches can be used to activate an alarm device, or send commands to a control panel to turn equipment such as pumps, valves or motors on or off.

Imagine Instruments LLC designs and manufactures a wide range of wireless liquid flow switch controls. Our wireless remote control systems are used by major companies in North America.

How Do Wireless Flow Switches Work?

Wireless Flow Switches are devices that monitor flow and send a wireless radio trip signal to a remote relay or contactor to activate a valve, pump or motor in a process application. These type of switches can also be used to trigger an alarm and provide protection to a flow meaurement system. A typical wireless flow switch transmitter consists of a radio transmitter, valve body, sensing device, and a switching unit that is mounted on a pipe.

What Type of Radio Transmitters Are Used With Flow Switches?

Radio Transmitters can be activated by any dry-contact switch. A computer or PLC can also be used for automatic activation. Wireless Flow Switch transmitters are most often 2.4GHz, 900MHz, 868MHz, 433MHz or 27MHz radio technology for short, medium and long range remote control applications.

What Type of Flow Switch Can Be Wireless?

Any type dry-contact flow switch can be used to activate the radio transmitter in a wireless flow control system.

Here are a few examples of the type of flow switches you can interface with our wireless control systems....
Wireless Flow Switch Wireless Flow Switch Wireless Flow Switch

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